Friday, November 29, 2013

First Family Gathering

We hosted our first family gathering: Thanksgiving for the Stones side of the family on Thanksgiving day. It was a wonderful day! Everything turned out well (our first time fixing the main dishes) my first time attempting mashed potatoes. The day couldn't have turned out better. After a quick tour of our humble abode dinner was ready and set out by noon.

My little homemaker heart swooned at having everything ready and set on time.

However, in all of the hubbub of fixing, stirring, prepping, and baking I forgot to take pictures. There were a couple of iPhone snaps to share.

I guess we will just have to host again, as I feel this was a picture perfect holiday!

World's simplest cookie. I'll share the recipe in another post. This way, I have an excuse to make more! :)

Take a look. Lump FREE mashed potatoes.

Thank you Pioneer Woman for giving me the gumption to attempt mashed potatoes.. and for the very tasty results!

If you have not attempted mashed potatoes, or if you want to make them ahead (like I did, and they tasted like they were made the morning of our gathering!) Please check out this amazing recipe

A few quick clicks on PowerPoint and I created a little time-filing activity, that also added to the place setting.

We hope your Thanksgiving was filled with family, friends, and plenty of food.

Counting our blessings,
--The Whitehairs

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