Friday, November 15, 2013

Weekend Project: Dog Edition

There is a third member of our little family: Remi (short for Remington), our yellow lab pup. 

She is full of spunk, life, and loves to go hunting. We've never seen a dog so set to retrieve, she'll chase anything you throw long after your arm begins to ache. Remi is loving our new place, especially the extra outdoor space to run around in. The yard is a wide open space, and when the hubby and I are home, she sticks around well, but we didn't want to leave her roaming when we are at work. 

Step in the hubby and father-in-law. 

Pouring concrete and setting posts

Men at work :)

Just waiting for the concrete to set. I don't have pictures from putting up the fencing. I was involved with that step too.

Remi was excited about the finished product!

A space of her own

Here soon, we'd like to put in a doggie door into the shop, and have a small pen in there too for her to get out of the elements if needed. For now though, she's loving the ability to be out and about even when we aren't around.

--The Whitehairs & Remi

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